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Learn How to Fly!!

As a kid i always had this dream that one day i could spread my wings and fly! Unfortunately very soon i realized we as humans don't have the ability to fly and i forgot about my dream. Sometimes i caught a glimpse of what it must feel like when i 'flew' to a holiday destination but, although amazing, it wasn't the real deal at all! So i forgot again......

Featured Yoga Retreat

Epidavros Greek Yoga Retreat 2012 with Tara McGuire August 26th - September 2nd, 2012 Ancient Epidavros Greece For more details, Click Here

Upcoming Yoga Festivals & Conferences

Yoga Journal Conference Sep 30 - Oct 7 in Estes Park, CO...For more details, Click Here

Rasa-Lila Fest October 5-7 in Orlando, FL...Get your tickets today!

Southeast Yoga Conference October 5-7 in Atlanta, GA...Go here to see the line-up!

Divine Play AcroYoga Festival October 12-14 in San Francisco, CA...Online ticket sales here

Rise & Shine Gathering Oct 19-21 in Santa Susana, CA...Additional info here

Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference: Transformation Through Yoga Oct 25 - 28 in Indian Wells, CA...More info and register online

Yoga, Sex & Feminism: A Tantra Vinyasa Conference Nov 1 - 4 in Dallas, TX...Inaugural year! more details here

Featured Event

Namaste Y'all!!

The Southeast Yoga Conference (formerly known as the "Atlanta Yoga Conference") will take place on Friday, October 5th through Sunday, October 7th at the W Atlanta Downtown. We have many wonderful surprises tied in to the weekend, so plan on a full three days this year!

We are honored to host many amazing national and regional presenters this year, including David Regelin, Faith Hunter, Coral Brown, Sara Ivanhoe, Jim Bennitt, Sarah Faircloth, Jessica Jollie, and Sean Tebor. As always, we have included a select lineup of local teachers, some who have presented at the conference for many years now and others who will present with us for the first time, including Gina Minyard, Rutu Chaudhari, Jeff Sousa, Joe Palese, Marti Yura, Cheryl Crawford, and Isabelle Casey.

Bios for all of the 2012 presenters can be found on our website.

Blog Updates

10 Things We Learned in Costa Rica

Last month, Beerasana held its first international retreat. We took 17 people to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We learned a few things. 1. We were supposed to take 19 people, unfortunately, two weren't allowed to board the plane. Lesson: make sure your passport is in good condition. A detached back cover means you get left at home. Two fewer than there should've been.

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